Do NOT Fall for the Freedom Phone Grift
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It looks like the 'Freedom Phone' isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Privacy and censorship in the digital world have long been a source of concern among conservatives. With Big Tech stepping up its efforts to silence conservative voices and right-leaning Americans are searching for ways to avoid the left's machinations. However, it is critical that conservatives understand that while they must guard their privacy, they must also watch out for those seeking to exploit people's worries about their private information.

Last Thursday, a device called the "Freedom Phone" was launched. Erik Finman, a 22-year-old millionaire, claims to have created the product to help patriots "take back control" of their lives from the Big Tech overlords. The phone, which is being sold for $499, is supposed to provide a way for conservatives to rid themselves of Big Tech's "spying" and "censorship." It is designed presumably as an alternative to devices that rely on Google, Apple, and other tech companies.

In a tweet, Finman wrote, "This is the first major pushback on the Big Tech companies that attacked us – for just thinking different."

Today I'm announcing the Freedom Phone. This is the first major pushback on the Big Tech companies that attacked us – for just thinking different. Complete with it's own Uncensorable App Store & Privacy Features. We're finally taking back control. — ERIK FINMAN (@erikfinman) July 14, 2021

Several high-profile conservatives have publicly vouched for the device, claiming that it is the best way to avoid censorship and surveillance being conducted by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Gizmodo reports:

Freedom Phone claims that it can protect users from the data collection that comes with an iOS or Android operating system (it has something called a "FreedomOS"—which, ironically, just appears to be a modified version go Google's Android OS).

Finman's phone is ostensibly a way for users to avoid Big Tech's opposition to conservative viewpoints. It has…
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