Don't Get Your Hopes Up For Mephisto in Loki
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"It's honestly just a super weird coincidence," the show's director says.
The following story contains spoilers for Loki Episode 1.

For the months earlier in 2021 when WandaVision was running, it was impossible to read any comments section or fan theory without seeing one specific name: Mephisto. The Devil in the world of Marvel Comics, there were all sorts of rumors that this was the MCU's next big bad, and that, well, just about anyone you saw on screen could possibly be him in disguise. When WandaVision ended and Mephisto was...nowhere to be seen, the rampant overtheorizing almost became something of an internet meme. But now with the mystical, time-traveling world of Loki in our lives, the Mephisto life is about to make a big return.

And while it's kind of funny to think back about all the theories, it's hard to blame anyone for letting their mind go there again. In an early scene in Episode 1 of Loki, Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) of the Time Variance Authority is back in France in the year 1549, investigating a time-traveling massacre. One witness was a child, who has seen the perp—and points to a stained glass image of a devil, horns and all, as what the guilty party looks like.

Is this a sign that Mephisto is finally making a debut? Let's look a little deeper, shall we?

So, uh, is Mephisto in Loki?

[image id='6f9cda6f-c9cd-4473-b8fd-5501bd3e4ddb' mediaId='dfbbb99c-d24f-40c6-a365-69a047bb6373' align='center' size='medium' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='6x4'][/image]

Feels moderately safe to say that Mephisto will not be in Loki. While it's easy to jump to that conclusion after so many rumors and all the theories run rampant around WandaVision, it's important to reestablish the context and remember what's happening. Yes, it's a devil in the stained glass. But it's also clearly a reference to Loki, including the horns. Think about Loki's…
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