Donald Trump boasts he watched Fox shows ALL night last night
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President Donald Trump was glued to the Fox News and Fox Business lineup Wednesday night as the Bob Woodward story exploded, Trump revealed at a press conference Thursday.
President Donald Trump revealed he spent hours glued to the TV set Wednesday night amid bombshell revelations from Bob Woodward's book – as he tuned into Fox News and the Fox Business Network.

Trump ran through the lineup he watched during a press conference where he took just three questions – about why he 'lied' to the American people about the coronavirus instead of leveling with them, and about a probe of FBI conduct in the Russia probe.

After playing defense for more than 24 hours following revelations he spoke to Woodward about the deadly nature of the virus back in February and revealed he knew it traveled through the air, Trump tore into a cast of familiar characters from the Russia response.

President Donald Trump revealed he watched five programs on Fox News and Fox Business Wednesday night, as the story of his comments about the coronavirus to Bob Woodward exploded

'These people got caught in prob the biggest political scandal in the history of our country. They got caught,' Trump fumed.

He declined to say what to expect from U.S. attorney John Durham's probe, then went straight into his TV lineup.

'If they say half as much…
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