Donald Trump is About to Become the Donald Trump of Sports Broadcasting
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Trump (and Trump Jr.) will host an alternate telecast for Saturday's boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.
During the years of, say, 2016 to 2020—a pretty rough time in our country!—I had one genuine escape: Sports. When the news cycle got too loud, too stupid, or threatened an existential crisis, I'd flip on something like Sunday Night Football and let Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth fill my head with passing yards records and the occasional Tom Brady joke.

Now, in our slightly better, but still fairly terrible year of 2021, our White House is off its fast food diet, and I had only recently dared to forget about the man who once held our nuclear codes, until I checked ESPN this morning. Apparently, Donald Trump's latest, greatest foray into post-prez life is a tepid, clumsy step into a safe space I once held dear. This Saturday, Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., will provide an alternate telecast for Triller's fight between Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort, as well as…
Brady Langmann
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