Dr. Anthony Fauci praises 'classy' Brad Pitt, says SNL skit got it right

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The sketch has been viewed more than 11 million times in just over two days.
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On Saturday, Brad Pitt played Dr. Anthony Fauci in a cold-open sketch on Saturday Night Live, and since then, the skit has been watched more than 11 million times on YouTube. Now Fauci himself is speaking out on Pitt's portrayal -- and he's a big fan.

"I think he did great," Fauci said in an interview with Telemundo's Un Nuevo Dia. "I'm a great fan of Brad Pitt, and that's the reason why when people ask me who I would like to play me, I mention Brad Pitt, because he's one of my favorite actors."

In the skit, Pitt as Fauci translates some of President Donald Trump's…
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