Drought hits California — and Newsom

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As California faces another drought, it adds another factor in the recall campaign aimed at Gov. Gavin Newsom.
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By any standard, California is experiencing one of its periodic droughts after two successive years of below-normal precipitation.

"We are now facing the reality that it will be a second dry year for California and that is having a significant impact on our water supply," state water resources director Karla Nemeth said in late March as the state reduced projected deliveries of water to 5% of requested demand.

The federal Bureau of Reclamation has also reduced its commitments to agricultural water agencies to a tiny percentage, reflecting the sobering fact that Northern California's major reservoirs, such as Shasta and Oroville, are only about half-full from two dry winters.

"There will be a bunch of annual crops that won't get planted," Ernest Conant, the bureau's regional director, told the New York Times. "I hate doing this, but unfortunately, we just can't make it rain."

The situation is roughly where it was six years ago when then-Gov. Jerry Brown declared a water emergency and ordered severe conservation measures.

"We are in a drought unlike one we've seen before, and we have to take actions that we haven't taken before," Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the State Water Resources Board said at the time. "We are not…
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