Eastern Europe Software Development Outsourcing 2021: Market Overlook

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Looking for Eastern Europe software development outsourcing companies to build your project? Check our overlook of the Eastern Europe software outsourcing market to make the right choice.
Eastern Europe software development outsourcing has become a popular solution for hundreds of companies around the world during the last several decades. There are multiple reasons for that like a broad choice of talents, reasonable rates, and high final product quality. However, this fact also complicates the process of outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe as dozens of new technology providers emerge daily providing similar or even the same services, technical background, and rates. For these reasons, we want to share our look-through of the outsourcing IT Eastern Europe market providing insights into: Outsourcing in Europe: 2021 market outlook

Benefits of Eastern Europe software development outsourcing

The top & biggest software companies in Europe

IT services market statistics and Europe outsourcing trends. Let's get started with the market overview of outsourcing in Europe.

Outsourcing in Europe: Market Overview 2021 According to Statista, the European IT services outsourcing market size is steadily growing exceeding $103,9 bln in 2021 compared to $93,1 bln in 2016. These numbers demonstrate that Europe is becoming a top-tier software development outsourcing location for diverse industry-based companies around the world. Our post is dedicated to Eastern Europe software development outsourcing, so let's now discuss the key market players, their hourly rates, cultural peculiarities, and key numbers to help you make a data-driven decision on what country to choose for IT outsourcing in Europe.

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