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Electronic Health Certificates Specification. Contribute to ehn-dcc-development/hcert-spec development by creating an account on GitHub.
Electronic Health Certificates

This repository contains a proposal for encoding and signing the Electronic Health Certificate (HCERT), as a candidate to be adapted and adopted by eHealth authorities and other stakeholders as they see fit.


The current authoritative version is tagged as releases in this repository.


Requirements and Design Principles

The following requirements and principles have been used when designing the Electronic Health Certificate (HCERT):

Electronic Health Certificates shall be carried by the holder and must have the ability to be securely validated off-line (using strong and proven cryptographic primitives). Example: Signed data with machine readable content. Use an encoding which is as compact as practically possible whilst ensuring reliable decoding using optical means. Example: CBOR in combination with deflate compression and QR encoding. Use existing, proven and modern open standards, with running code available (when possible) for all common platforms and operating environments to limit implementation efforts and minimise risk of interoperability issues. Example: CBOR Web Tokens (CWT). When existing standards do not exist, define and test new mechanisms based on…
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