Either of two gunshots that struck Ahmaud Arbery could have been fatal, medical examiner testifies

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The medical examiner who conducted an autopsy on Ahmaud Arbery's body testified in the trial of the three men charged with murder and other crimes.
Ahmaud Arbery was shot twice on Feb. 23, 2020, and either of the wounds would have been enough to kill him, a medical examiner testified Tuesday, as jurors were shown graphic, close-up autopsy photos.

Dr. Edmund Donoghue, a medical examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation who performed the autopsy the day after the shooting, told jurors at the trial of the three men charged in Arbery's death that the gunshots caused bleeding severe enough to have killed Arbery.

Arbery died from wounds to his chest, wrist and armpit, Donoghue said.

Asked by prosecutor Linda Dunikoski whether there was anything law enforcement or EMS could have done at the scene to save Arbery's life, Donoghue replied: "I don't think so. No."

Donoghue was one of the final witnesses for the prosecution, which rested its case Tuesday.

Dr. Edmund R. Donoghue, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Forensic Pathology Specialist, testifies during the trial of Greg McMichael and his son,…
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