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The coronavirus surge in El Paso is filling refrigerated trucks with bodies that prison inmates have helped move.
Texas is sending 36 of its National Guard personnel to El Paso to help process the bodies of dead coronavirus victims.

El Paso's county morgue has been so overwhelmed that it is using refrigerated trailers and paying prison inmates to move the bodies.

That's just one snapshot in a nationwide surge of coronavirus cases — the largest the US has seen yet.

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El Paso's morgues are so overwhelmed from an influx of coronavirus deaths that Texas is sending in its National Guard to help process bodies.

"As we've seen a rapid increase in cases and hospitalizations, we are unfortunately also seeing a spike in deaths," El Paso Mayor Dee Margo said in a statement. "The Texas Military will provide us with the critical personnel to carry out our fatality management plan and we are very grateful to them for their ongoing support."

The city and county have "secured a central morgue location to further support the Medical Examiner's Office, funeral homes, and mortuaries with additional capacity," he said.

The county is also hiring temporary morgue attendants at $27.20 per…
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