Election Fraud Claims In Georgia Exacerbate Republican Fears Of Senate Loss

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Will the Republican infighting lead to a Democratic victory in Georgia?
The debate over election fraud could be harming the GOP's chances of retaining control of the Senate. At least, this is what many Republicans involved in the effort to win the runoff elections in Georgia. The situation is critical as the GOP must win one of the seats to maintain their majority in the Senate.

The Washington Times reported that, "charges of election fraud by President Trump and his legal advisers are tripping up Republicans in Georgia's U.S. Senate runoffs and stoking fears that the GOP majority in the upper chamber could be put at risk."

GOP Sens David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are trying to toe the line between supporting President Donald Trump's claims of voter fraud while still persuading conservative voters to have enough faith in the system to show up to the polls on Jan. 5th, when the runoff election will be held.

"Right now it seems there is chaos and that is the worry — that this could keep Republicans from turning out the vote," GOP strategist David Johnson told the Times.

Sidney Powell, an attorney that was working with Trump's legal team is expected to file a lawsuit on Wednesday making allegations of widespread voting fraud involving voting machines and "foreign intrusion" in the election. She has made numerous television appearances claiming that Dominion Voting Systems' machines switched "millions" of votes from Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden. The attorney has also accused Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of being in on the alleged plot to steal the election from the president.

"There are just countless incidents of voter fraud and election fraud, writ large, in Georgia," Powell said in a Tuesday appearance on Fox Business. She stated that she will also file similar lawsuits in other states. So far, she has not provided much evidence to support her…
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