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A newly conducted analysis predicts that sales of electric vehicles will outpace combustion...
A newly conducted analysis predicts that sales of electric vehicles will outpace combustion vehicles by 2036 in the United States.

Consulting firm EY, formerly Ernst & Young, released an analysis stating that Europe will sell more zero-emission vehicles than combustion vehicles by 2028 and that China and the U.S. are expected to reach that threshold in 2033 and 2036, respectively.

According to EY's predictions, within the next 10 years electric vehicles are expected to outsell combustion vehicles in the main global markets. In the next 25 years, combustion vehicles or nonelectric cars are expected to only make up 1 percent of the global market.


Brands including General Motors and Volvo are credited for the market shift, as they have vowed to implement aggressive policies that will transition the majority of their vehicles to become electric-only. General Motors announced that it will begin only selling…
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