Escape from Tarkov guide: What gear to bring on raids
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Here are the best loadouts and gear to take with you into any type of raid in Escape from Tarkov.
Every time you start a new raid in Escape from Tarkov you can lose everything you take with you from an untimely death. This means that you've got to make some careful decisions about which gear you take in with you and what you keep in your stash.

Decisions about what kind of gear is best for each mission should come down to what you hope to accomplish in a given raid. If you're just trying to grab a few basic supplies, what you take in will be different than if you're planning to take on as many players as possible and grab their guns.

We've put together a few possible situations and the loadouts you might want to bring with you. No matter what loadout you bring when you're playing as a PMC, you'll have your Safe Container. Any items you place in the Safe Container will make it out of the raid with you even if you die.

The 'naked' loadout

The whole idea here is that you're trying to get the maximum reward for the lowest possible commitment. That means you're bringing very little with you. Just a melee weapon, and a tactical vest if you've got one to spare. This will give you enough room to carry anything exciting you might find, while making sure you don't lose much if something goes…
Austen Goslin
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