'Escape from Tarkov' Won't Be at Gamescom, According to Devs

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If you've been patiently waiting for an 'Escape from Tarkov' showcase at this year's Gamescom, you'll be sorely disappointed.
"Escape from Tarkov" fans, and you're going to have to wait just a little bit longer.

NME reports that the game won't be featured at this year's Gamescom, with the confirmation coming straight from developer Battlestate Games. A spokesperson from the studio revealed that the dev team making "Escape from Tarkov" are skipping the festivities because they want to focus on the game itself.

What this means is that any anticipated updates on the game's "Streets of Tarkov" update won't be coming. There will also be no commentary whatsoever on the newest "Escape from Tarkov" updates that have rolled out recently.

It's going to be slow from here on out with regards to this specific game. The last big update did bring a lot of major changes, like new barter trades for Jaeger, as well as tweaks to the stash that made it easier for players to get more space in their inventory, even if they only bought the standard edition of "Escape from Tarkov," writes The Loadout.

"Escape from Tarkov," despite skipping Gamescom 2021, however, did get reworked a lot since patch 12.11 brought Scav and Tagilla karma. The game's most recent update brought a post-raid stat which…
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