Everyone's Engrossed With the Opportunistic Goats Running the Show in This Town on Coronavirus Lockdown

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Llandudno goats take over a small coastal town and people can't get enough.
Rihanna once asked who's gonna run this town tonight? And the answer has never been more clear for the small coastal town of Llandudno, in north Wales where a lockdown has been imposed to prevent the further spread of coronavirus. It's a bunch of goats.

Andrew Stuart, a video and web producer at Manchester Evening News recently stumbled upon the fascinating story while he minding his own business at home and captured it all in an epic Twitter thread that is entertaining the masses who are fully engrossed in with the takeover.

"I think I just got a group of goats in Llandudno arrested.

Let me explain… first, I saw this from inside a dark pub (the one I live in currently). I thought I was seeing things. So I took some video" he began.

And what a journey Stuart's documentation of the goat situation it is. The video chronicles the goats taking some spirited sprints all over town…
Ashley Hoffman
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