Explaining Tuesday's California recall — by the numbers

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All the important numbers you need to know ahead of Tuesday's California gubernatorial recall vote.
WASHINGTON — It's the day before the California recall election against Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, with President Biden campaigning for Newsom in Long Beach, Calif., at 10:00 p.m. ET (after touring wildfire destruction on the West Coast).

And just in case you haven't been tuning into everything that's happened in this recall — including how we got here in the first place — here's a description by the numbers:

Six: The total number of recall attempts against Newsom since he took office in 2019.

One: The number of recall attempts against Newsom that successfully made the ballot.

1,495,709: The number of valid signatures that recall organizers needed — and ultimately exceeded — to place this recall on the ballot (representing 12 percent of the vote total from the 2018 California recall election).

Four: The number of months by which a California judge extended this recall's signature drive, citing the Covid pandemic (and eventually aiding the recall effort).

Two: The number of questions on the recall ballot: 1) Should Newsom be recalled, yes or no? 2) If a majority say yes, who should replace him?

46: The total number of replacement candidates on the ballot, including GOP replacement frontrunner Larry Elder.

4,900: Reported Covid deaths in California when this recall petition drive first started in June 2020.

67,100: Reported Covid deaths in California as of today.

$276 million: The amount of money this recall election has cost the state of California.

$33.9 million: The amount of money in ads that Newsom and allies have spent on ads in this recall, per ad-spending data from AdImpact.

$17.4 million: The amount of money recall supporters and Republicans have spent on ads in this race.

60 percent to 39 percent: The margin by which recall opponents were ahead of recall supporters, per the recent LA Times/Berkeley IGS poll of likely voters.

38 percent: The percentage of likely voters picking Elder in the replacement election in the same poll, topping all…
Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Ben Kamisar
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