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Audience Network to Become Bidding-Only Beginning with iOS in 2021

2020 October 16

Audience Network will exclusively use bidding to fill ads in iOS apps beginning Q2 2021. True to our vision of supporting the long-term health of the developer ecosystem, becoming a bidding-only demand source has been a key milestone since we began testing bidding in 2017. We're now accelerating this milestone to help prepare publishers for upcoming iOS 14 updates.

Publishers and developers need to migrate their iOS apps to bidding by March 31, 2021 to continue monetizing with Audience Network. We recognize that publishers and developers may need time for this transition, so we want to give our community as much notice and support as possible.

Impact of iOS 14

Apple's upcoming iOS 14 changes affect the ability of publishers and developers to collect IDFA, impacting how they will be able to monetize their apps through in-app advertising.

As past network performance becomes less relevant, waterfall management on iOS 14 will become more complex. Bidding can help publishers ensure they are getting the best price for every impression - even as networks adapt to improve performance - and will help…
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