Facebook with New Design, new Facebook

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Facebook released a new beta design for desktop users. Facebook called it new Facebook and the previous one as classic Facebook. With new Facebook its easy to navigate around the Facebook.
Facebook New Design for Desktop/web, new Facebook

Some users are invited to look the beta design, The users who has access to new Facebook can give Feedback to the new design. and You can switch to classic Facebook at any time.

New Facebook Beta Design

The new design is the overall new structure of Facebook. According to facebook, the new design is made so users can easily navigate around to get what they want.

Welcome to a Fresh, Simpler Facebook, We've made it easier for your you to do what you want. Facebook New Design, new Facebook -- Beta release Talking about the homepage, It has three columns, Left one for Pages (if you have), Settings and other facebook features including memories, Crisis Response, Weather, Games and more.

The center column is for the main contents, The news-feed. It have different tabs to navigate around Home, Friends, Videos and Group.

Chat float, With latest active friends

The Right columns is for friends, the activation status, and Gives some preview when pointed by mouse. Birthday and other events are shown on the top of this column.

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Chat is floating in the bottom right corner, Active chats are stacked one after another.

Another interesting part is there is Light mode and Dark mode. You can toggle between these mode whenever you want. Here is dark mode view of the news feed as in featured Image. Facebook new Design, Dark Mode Most of the design are complete, well most of user engaging pages are complete which includes, the friends, Video, Group and other more. Facebook Page Facebook page design are changed, for both visitors and Page admin, Page admin have access to all the options related to that page in the Left column, including the option to directly…
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