Fans, fellow comedians, and Frank Stallone react to the death of Norm Macdonald
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Colleagues and admirers are sharing their love for Norm Macdonald through personal stories and their favorite jokes
Today, following a nearly decade-long private battle with cancer, beloved comedian Norm Macdonald died. And we say "beloved" because that's exactly what he was: Macdonald wasn't the sort of stand-up who people liked, he was the sort of stand-up (and talk show guest) who people loved. People were in awe of him, whether it was because of his timing or his cleverness, even as those same traits had a habit of pushing people—and a high-profile job at Saturday Night Live—away. Part of what drew people to Norm Macdonald was that being on his wavelength felt special, like you were seeing things in a different way from everyone else, and Macdonald used that to build a career on being funny in a way that nobody else was. It's hardly a surprise, then, that a number of people took to social media to express their appreciation for Macdonald with specific stories about what he meant to them.


Writer Brent Piaskoski has a story about seeing a then-up-and-coming Macdonald in Toronto that ends with the comedian refusing to stop saying the word "sack" just to annoy some hecklers:

Will Sloan also has fond memories of a night when Macdonald wouldn't…
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