FINALLY: Michigan GOP Leaders File a Lawsuit Against Gov Whitmer.
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Michigan GOP FINALLY decides to challenge Gov Whitmer in court. Do they have a chance?
(AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

After a slew of promises that something was going to be filed, the Michigan GOP leaders in the House and Senate finally filed a lawsuit against Big Gretch and her executive orders. As my colleague, Alex Parker covered here last Thursday, Instead of Approving Gov. Whitmer's Extension, Michigan House Republicans Vote to Sue Her and Speaker Chatfield and Majority Leader Shirkey finally did it.


According to WDIV Channel 4

"We firmly believe the governor is acting beyond her authority and has left us no choice other than to seek clarification from the courts," Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey said. House Speaker Lee Chatfield said the lawsuit was filed due to Whitmer's "failure to comply with existing state law and for her disregard of the Michigan Constitution." "The Legislature did not approve an extension of the state emergency declaration and as such we expected the declaration to end," Shirkey said. "Instead, we saw the governor ignore the law, unilaterally extend the emergency, and write new executive orders. If left unchecked, the governor could extend her authority indefinitely. Michigan citizens cannot wait that long for a…
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