First Loki reactions call Tom Hiddleston's series the "best MCU show on Disney Plus so far"
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First reactions for Loki are in, and they're full of praise
The first reactions to Loki have hit the internet, and they're overwhelmingly positive.

Viewers are praising Tom Hiddleston's return as the loveable God of Mischief, while Loki's relationship with Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius is standing out as another highlight. One reaction even goes as far as calling Loki "the best MCU show on Disney Plus so far" – which, considering the caliber of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is a seriously high bar to clear.

We've rounded up some of the social media reactions to give you an idea of Loki's warm reception. Check them out below.

LOKI is the best MCU show on Disney+ so far! Finds clever ways to incorporate the past while introducing a whole new absorbing world for the future. Tom Hiddleston is naturally terrific as the series gives him more to do than ever before. A creative blast of mischief & intrigue. 6, 2021 See more

#Loki is an absolute blast. Tom Hiddleston is back as the God of Mischief and gives his best performance to date. The connectivity of this show is evident and fans will appreciate every detail - Marvel has found a way to expand the MCU and do so in such a clever and unique way. 6, 2021 See more

No spoilers and full review to come. But so far I'm extraordinarily happy to report that #LOKI is exactly what I wanted it to be: funny, weird, and exciting television. 6, 2021 See more

The 1st 2 eps of #LOKI were wonderful! Hiddleston's charisma/chemistry w/ Wilson will hook you. The real draw (and emotional gut punch at times), however, is watching this beloved villain move between doing the right thing and working for his own ends. (1 of 2) 6, 2021 See more

I don't really know where to start praising #Loki, so I'll just say it's IMO the strongest opening for a Disney+ show to date, the writing and directing are on another level. Shoutout to @iamkateherron,…
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