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Five things to watch in Trump's budget proposal | TheHill
6 min read
fairly difficult
President Trump is set to release his budget proposal for fiscal 2021 on Monday, highlighting his...
President Trump Donald John Trump Biden says Buttigieg is 'not a Barack Obama' on NH campaign trail Democrats make final pitch at rowdy NH political spectacle Pelosi: Vindman ouster is 'shameful' MORE is set to release his budget proposal for fiscal 2021 on Monday, highlighting his spending priorities as he seeks reelection.

Congressional Democrats are expected to declare the overall budget request dead on arrival, but the blueprint is likely to shape GOP spending objectives as the annual appropriations process gets underway.

Here are five things to watch for Monday.


Will Trump unveil new tax cuts or a health care plan?

The White House has long promised a new round of tax cuts, with Trump eager to roll them out ahead of the election.

One avenue for achieving that would be to make permanent the individual tax cuts from the 2017 GOP tax law. Those cuts are slated to expire in 2025.

White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow Lawrence (Larry) Alan KudlowMORE said last month the administration was working on a broader package that could include a payroll tax cut, lower capital gains tax rates, an expansion of the earned income tax credit, changes for noncorporate businesses and tax relief for residents of high-tax states.

But Kudlow also said the plan might not come to fruition until the summer, meaning the budget request could contain a more modest proposal.

The budget request may also contain details of a potential health care plan. Previous spending proposals from the Trump White House have assumed the repeal of ObamaCare but did not include a replacement plan.

In his third State of the Union address Tuesday, Trump promised to maintain protections for people with preexisting conditions. Critics point out, however, that the Trump administration is backing a lawsuit that would eliminate protections for preexisting conditions.


Trump also promised to protect Medicare and Social Security. His previous budgets have…
Niv Elis
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