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For Tribal Members in Oklahoma, Medicaid Expansion Improves Access to Specialty Care

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Medicaid expansion is expected to improve not just access to care for low-income Native Americans who had previously been shut out of health insurance, but the finances of the Indian Health Service.
"This worked out perfectly," she said. "We would not have been able to continue to see Dr. Ward and continue care with him if we didn't have Medicaid expansion."

For Jonathan Martin, 37, his family of five in Park Hill, Okla., lost their health insurance after he was laid off from his job in March because of the pandemic. Soon after, Mr. Martin, a diabetic, contracted Covid-19 and nearly died following a weeklong stint in the hospital with pneumonia and weakening kidneys.

His wife, Adrian Martin, 30, said her husband recovered but the mental strain that the virus had…
Mark Walker
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