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Ford Maverick Tailgate Leaked Photo Points To New Compact Pickup

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The tailgate matches a computer rendering we saw back in May.
Once upon a time, Ranger was a trim level for the Ford F-150. In the early 1980s it was spun off as its own compact pickup truck, and it endured in that role for nearly 30 years. Then it went away in the United States and when it returned for 2019 it was a midsize machine. That means there's room in the Blue Oval lineup for a compact pickup, and now we might have proof that it's coming back as a revived Ford Maverick.

The above photo was sent to Motor1.com by an anonymous source, and it's about as straightforward as you can get. The white tailgate certainly looks much smaller than what you'd find on an F-150 or Ranger, and the name stamped at the bottom is consistent with the design we see on the Ranger.…
Christopher Smith
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