Ford Mustang Mach-E: Right Car, Wrong Name
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The Ford Mustang Mach-E might be the right car. But it's wearing the wrong name. Ford might move more by calling it a Mustang, but it's no pony car.
I mentioned it before, when ripping that Ford ad that got me riled during an NFL Sunday, but I still strongly believe the Ford Mustang Mach-E shouldn't have "Mustang" in its name.

(Yeah, it's Mach-E week around these parts. If you couldn't tell. More to come on the Mach-E later today or Monday.)

Not because it's electric. Or because it has four doors. Or because it's a bit raised, in terms of ground clearance (though I don't think it's really a crossover, either, and it bothers me that Ford folks seem to insist it be classified as such).

Let me be clear as can be – I have no issue with an electric Mustang. I mentioned being intrigued by the one-off I saw at Ford's display at SEMA last year. The idea of a pony-car with instant torque is appealing, and while the V8 sounds would be lost, I could see a true EV Mustang being a blast to drive.

Yes, I hope the Mustang remains available with an ICE for as long as possible, but the idea of an electric motor in a Mustang doesn't fill me with nausea. Maybe it would've 20 years ago, but I am older now, and wiser, I hope.

I'm not even bothered by a member of the "Mustang family" having four doors. A Mustang-based sedan on a RWD/AWD platform would be cool, if unlikely to happen in our current crossover-crazed market.

I'd be a bit more verklempt if Ford slapped the Mustang badge on a crossover, even if said crossover shared a platform with the 'Stang and/or used the Coyote V8. That would seem like a…
Tim Healey
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