Foreign Influence Agents Goaded Trump Forums After U.S. Elections...
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Graphika's report finds that suspected Kremlin agents pushed 'Stop the Steal,' other anti-democratic narratives.
Foreign agents — particularly those working from or on behalf of Russia — were extremely active on Donald Trump-themed forums in the weeks and months leading up to the January 6 2021 coup attempt at the United States Capitol, a new report says.

According to social media and disinformation research firm Graphika, this particular disinformation operation began just after the November 2020 elections in the United States and pushed a good deal of agitprop, American receptivity to which appears to be waning:

The newly-identified activity discussed in this report shows that suspected Russian actors retooled and doubled down on efforts to target far-right American audiences after their previous activities were disrupted ahead of the 2020 U.S. election. The actors' continued presence on alternative platforms that lack rigorous policies on foreign interference has also allowed them to create a direct line to these communities, through which to deliver a stream of tailor-made political content. The sometimes skeptical reaction…
Brooke Binkowski
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