Fortnite: How to Find Carnage and Venom Symbiotes - IGN
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Our latest guide shows where to find Carnage and Venom symbiotes in Fortnite Chapter, Season 8.
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 brings with it another alien menace in the form of Marvel's Carnage and Venom. These two symbiotes have recently crashed landed on the island and are ripe for the pickings.

What Are Symbiotes?

The Symbiotes (called Klyntar on their home planet) are extraterrestrial lifeforms that are able to bond to individuals, regardless of species, in order to form a new shared entity. They are parasitic in nature, though they don't always harm their hosts; they often improve upon a host's natural attributes while also granting powers like superhuman strength, healing, and the ability to form tendrils or tentacles out of their arms. For more about these parasitic creatures, check out how we ranked Marvel's most powerful symbiotes and learn more about Venom 2's Shriek.

In Fortnite, the symbiotes that formed Marvel's most famous symbiotic characters, Venom and Carnage, were made into wearable Mythic weapons. Once found, the Venom and Carnage Mythic weapons…
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