France's COVID-19 cases slow but hospitalisations creep up
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PARIS (Reuters) -France's new daily COVID-19 infections fell to an almost two-months low on average on Monday, a figure warranting the government's decision ...
to start unwinding the country's third lockdown.

But after falling for five days in a row, the number of people hospitalised for the disease went up by 132, a second consecutive increase, at 28,950.

And among those, the total amount of patients in intensive care units also rose for the second day running, by 45, at 5,630.

That total is down by almost 400 from a recent peak of 6,001 reached a week ago but is still twice as high than the 2,500-3,000 range the government had set itself to exit France's second lockdown on Dec 15.

This Monday, a restriction limiting people to a 10 kilometre (6.21 mile) radius from their homes was lifted and secondary…
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