Free Cash Register Program.
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Download free POS software or free cash register program.
Download free POS software. This is a complete Point of sale software / Cash register program. This is not just the stand alone version it is for networks too.. This is not a demo version that you try out. This is not a trial version that will quit working. This is not a crippled version that is missing features. This is not an evaluation version to see if you like it. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use this software. This program does not store anything in the cloud. There is no monthly / yearly fee that you will be asked to pay. There is no shipping or handling charge, just download it. This is not shareware, it is totally FREE. There is nothing for sale here. If you download this file you will receive a complete point of sale software / cash register program that will work on any PC computer running any version of DOS or Windows. It is a DOS program. (Trust me, your money doesn't care.) It will work with almost any receipt printer or regular computer printer. It will work without a printer but then you can't print receipts. You can use a scanner to read stock numbers. It will pop open a cash drawer attached to a receipt…
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