geoGopher 2.0: a gopher client for Commodore GEOS
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geoGopher 2.0: a gopher client for Commodore GEOS (written for the 1541 Ultimate II+ and Ultimate 64 network interfaces) last updated 2021-09-21

(click screenshots to enlarge) connection dialog

configuration selector

configuration editor

a view of the geoSpecific collection

list of files in a disk image

(file descriptions from GEOS info block)

selecting a text file: view or save?

viewing a text file

geoGopher is an RFC1436-compliant gopher client for the Commodore 64 running GEOS. Its main use case is to browse or search the geoSpecific collection on this site. However, geoGopher should be able to navigate any gopher site that doesn't use a lot of non-standard extensions. It ships with a configuration file containing a list of gopher sites you can visit.

For those unfamiliar with gopher, it's a much simpler protocol that predated HTTP. Clients usually present information in a format similar to that commonly seen in file explorers. Here's an interesting article about gopher; if you're interested in the details, the RFC is short and understandable. And here's an excellent video of some of the creators of gopher talking about its origins, with a short demo.

At VCFMW 2017, I gave a talk on this project: here's the video, and here are the slides. Although I eventually released it on 2018-02-07, it hasn't seen much use, since it was written for the Flyer network card, which is no longer available. But in the meantime, I've been learning to code for the 1541 Ultimate II+/Ultimate 64 network interfaces, and this program seemed like a good first choice to work on. This new version of geoGopher (video) has undergone extensive testing by my QA engineer Wizard the Cat, who has approved it for release as version…
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