Georgia blue? 'It was never a question of if but when'
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With former Vice President Joseph R. Biden claiming a win in Georgia, two years after Stacey Abrams' narrow loss in the governor's race, is the Peach State turning blue? "It was never a question of if but when," that happens, answers Rick Dent, a veteran Georgia political consultant.
Is Georgia turning blue?

That's been the question for years as Democrats trimmed their losses in statewide elections.

With several news outlets projecting a Peach State win for presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden, voters may finally be aligning — or realigning — with the claims.

The last time a Democrat took Georgia in a presidential election was Bill Clinton in 1992.

"We're Lucy with the football," Democratic activist Stacey Abrams, a former majority leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, told Stephen Colbert on his late-night talk show. "I think people keep waiting for this massive change. It's going to happen incrementally and it's happening now."

Ms. Abrams has worked hard to bring it about. For the last two years, she organized and rallied voters after losing the Georgia gubernatorial race, refusing to concede and insisting Republican Brian Kemp stole the election.

The "field goal" Ms. Abrams says Democrats finally kicked Nov. 3 may still be drifting toward the uprights.

A recount is underway in the state's presidential race, where Mr. Biden led President Trump by 0.3% in the unofficial tally. Some news organizations, including the Associated Press, have not called Georgia for Mr. Biden.

What's more, Georgia's two U.S. Senate races were forced into January runoffs, which also will decide the partisan balance of power in the Senate.

Republican incumbents enter those races with clear advantages because, well, it's Georgia.

Sen. David Perdue's 49.7% of the vote was within a whisker of the 50% needed to win outright.

Democrat Jon Ossoff was on his heels at 48% of the vote.

Mr. Perdue got more votes than Mr. Trump in Georgia. He also finished ahead of Mr. Ossoff despite the Democrat out-fundraising him by $11 million.

The fact Mr. Perdue is in a runoff at all should give the GOP pause.

"David Perdue is a rock-solid conservative incumbent and he ran a good race…
James Varney
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