Georgia certifies election results, making Biden victory official
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Georgia certified the general election Friday, officially making President-elect Biden the victor. The Trump campaign has until Tuesday to request a recount.
Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp certified the results of the general election Friday, making it official that President-elect Joe Biden won the state's 16 electoral votes.

While Kemp, who served as secretary of state before Raffensperger, followed through with his part in the certification process, he was also critical of the election, and said that is was "simply unacceptable" that thousands of uncounted ballots were discovered during the state's full hand audit and that it cannot happen again during the runoff election in January, when both Senate seats are on the ballot.

The secretary of state's office had erroneously blasted out a press release at 12:26 p.m. saying Raffensperger had certified the election. Forty minutes later, a corrected press release was sent, which said the secretary would certify results Friday. Later in the afternoon, another press release was sent and ABC News confirmed that the secretary had certified the election.

"Working as an engineer throughout my life, I live by that numbers don't lie. As secretary of state, I believe that the numbers that we have presented today are correct," Raffensperger said during a news conference early Friday. "The numbers reflect the verdict of the people, not a decision by the secretary of state's office or our courts, or of either campaigns."

It was the secretary's first time appearing before cameras at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta since Veterans Day, when he announced the state would conduct a full by-hand recount of votes in the presidential race. The results of the audit were finalized and released Thursday evening.

Raffensperger had been quarantining because his wife, Tricia, tested positive for coronavirus on Nov. 12. He told the press he'd been tested three times since then and tested negative every time. He removed his mask only upon arriving at the podium.

In brief remarks Friday, taking no questions, Raffensperger said he was "disappointed"…
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