Georgia May Not Have Been Stolen, But It Can Still Fall
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Georgia isn't blue yet, but if Republicans don't focus, it can be.
In 2018, Stacey Abrams and her campaign were going around Georgia proclaiming that the Republicans were going to suppress the vote and Brian Kemp would effectively steal the election.

Up until that point, her GOTV efforts were a powerful force, supposedly raking in hundreds of thousands of new voters. But Abrams was loudly proclaiming that Kemp and the Republicans were going to keep black voters from being able to vote. The logic behind this last-minute tactic was to motivate black voters to get out and vote in larger numbers and give her the win. Instead, it had the opposite effect.

Abrams lost that race by 50,000 votes, and Kemp was able to win and become the governor of Georgia.

On Thursday night, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that the hand recount of ballots in Georgia confirmed Joe Biden's vote lead in the state. The announcement puts the state one step closer to certifying the vote and officially giving the state to Biden.

Regardless of how Georgia's presidential contest ultimately plays out, one data point Raffenspberger shared this week about the results should be kept in mind since Georgia still has…
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