Get a Look at One of Magic: The Gathering's Twisty New Double-Sided Cards
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A new Magic: The Gathering set is on its way, and with it, new cards and new twists on mechanics that have kept us tapping lands and filling graveyards for decades. But one of the new tweaks Zendikar Rising is adding to the mix is inspired by a mechanic introduced nearly a decade ago—and we've got a first look.
Things are about to get twisty in Magic's latest card set. Image : YW Tang/Wizards of the Coast


io9 is excited to reveal a brief taste of what Magic fans can expect in Zendikar Rising in the form of a brand-new double sided card: a Blue-mana Land /Instant called Beyeen Coast and Beyeen Veil. Check out both sides below!

Image : YW Tang/Wizards of the Coast Image : YW Tang/Wizards of the Coast 1 / 2


Now, Magic has had double-faced cards for years at this point—they were introduced in 2011's Innistrad block. But those cards, and similar ones introduced since, were all bound together by one specific mechanic: they had the keyword action " transform ," meaning that you could swap back and forth by paying a cost and flipping the card over. Zendikar Rising is now introducing double-faced cards that actually don't use that keyword.

"Many years ago, we made a set called Innistrad where we…
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