Get More From Your Christmas Feast by Maximising Leftovers
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#GetMore for your food spending by maximising your Christmas leftovers! We show you how this festive season.
There's going to be a lot of merry eating at Christmas parties this weekend. Scrumptious pies, roasted meats, and mouth-watering desserts are all the order of the day during the festivities.

It's not uncommon for guests to find hosts with too much food, more than willing the pack you leftovers to take home. So whether you will be visiting a Christmas party this weekend or throwing one yourself; you might find your fridge stashing some leftover food.

Malaysians are generally reported to waste a lot of food. Why not consider maximising leftovers this festive season? Not just to care for the environment but our pockets too.

Here are some tips to making the most of your holiday leftovers.

Pay Attention to Refrigeration

The first thing to do is to make sure your leftovers are properly refrigerated so they will be safe for later consumption.

Cooked food tends to go bad at different rates thanks to the varied ingredients. The general rule of thumb that if frozen in an airtight container at 5 degrees Celsius or below can last for up to 4 days. However, do exercise discretion and check for discolouration, bad smells or funny textures. If anything appears off; it's probably best to be cautious and throw it out.

The last thing you want in your quest to save more is to find yourself with food poisoning!

To find out more about food storage and safety; you can…
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