GitHub - gitpod-io/gitpod-microsoft-aks-guide: Running Gitpod in Azure AKS
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fairly easy
Running Gitpod in Azure AKS . Contribute to gitpod-io/gitpod-microsoft-aks-guide development by creating an account on GitHub.
Running Gitpod in Azure AKS

Before starting the installation process, you need:

To start the installation, execute:

make install

The whole process takes around twenty minutes. In the end, the following resources are created:

an AKS cluster running Kubernetes v1.20.

Azure load balancer.

Azure MySQL database. MySQL will be provided by Helm until #5508 solved.

MySQL will be provided by Helm until #5508 solved. Azure Blob Storage.

Azure DNS zone.

Azure container registry.

calico as CNI and NetworkPolicy implementation.

cert-manager for self-signed SSL certificates.

Jaeger operator - and Jaeger deployment for gitpod distributed tracing. deployment.

Common errors running make install

Insufficient regional quota to satisfy request Depending on the size of the configured disks size and machine-type , it may be necessary to request an increase in the service quota After increasing the quota, retry the installation…
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