GitHub - pen-lang/pen: The programming language for scalable development
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The programming language for scalable development. Contribute to pen-lang/pen development by creating an account on GitHub.
Pen programming language

Pen is a statically typed functional programming language for application programming with system injection. Its design is heavily inspired by the Go programming language and many functional programming languages like Haskell and Koka.


Pen aims to make large-scale software development efficient where a number of people develop software together over a long time. To realize that, it focuses on software maintainability and portability.

Maintainability Everyone can learn the language and participate in actual development quickly. Developers can focus on application logic rather than ever-changing implementation details. The language keeps codes testable by injecting non-testable codes explicitly.

Portability Programs written in the language can be ported to different platforms including WASM.


Simplicity enables efficient collaboration of developers. The Go programming language has been notably successful as it's been one of the most simple but practical programming languages ever made. That being said, Go 2 decided to compromise some complexity for its evolution, such as its generics proposal.

On the other hand,…
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