GitHub - rails/propshaft: Deliver assets for Rails
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fairly easy
Deliver assets for Rails. Contribute to rails/propshaft development by creating an account on GitHub.

Propshaft is an asset pipeline library for Rails. It's built for an era where bundling assets to save on HTTP connections is no longer urgent, where JavaScript and CSS are either compiled by dedicated Node.js bundlers or served directly to the browsers, and where increases in bandwidth have made the need for minification less pressing. These factors allow for a dramatically simpler and faster asset pipeline compared to previous options, like Sprockets.

So that's what Propshaft doesn't do. Here's what it does provide:

Configurable load path: You can register directories from multiple places in your app and gems, and reference assets from all of these paths as though they were one. Digest stamping: All assets in the load path will be copied (or compiled) in a precompilation step for production that also stamps all of them with a digest hash, so you can use long-expiry cache headers for better performance. The digested assets can be referred to through their logical path because the processing leaves a manifest file that provides a way to translate. Development server: There's no need to precompile the assets in development. You can refer to them via the same asset_path helpers and they'll be served by a development server. Basic…
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