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G.O.P. Blocks Infrastructure Debate in Senate, Raising Doubts About a Deal

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fairly difficult
The failed test vote reflected mistrust between Democrats and Republicans, raising questions about whether they could agree on a key piece of President Biden's agenda.
At a town-hall discussion in Cincinnati on Wednesday, Mr. Biden predicted that Republicans would need "till Monday" to get the deal done, but that it would come together.

"I come from a tradition in the Senate, you shake your hand, that's it. You keep your word. And I've found Rob Portman does that," Mr. Biden said, referring to an Ohio senator who is one of the Republicans leading the negotiations. He added, "I think it's going to get done."

Republicans, including the five negotiators who have been involved in discussions on a compromise, argued that Democrats had threatened their progress by rushing a vote on the package before the deal was ready. Democrats questioned why Republicans, many of whom have…
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