Gordon Brown's sister-in-law risks jail by visiting Spain

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Gordon Brown's sister-in-law is at risk of being jailed for exposing corruption in Malaysia, with supporters criticising Interpol for failing to guarantee...
Journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown pictured in 2018 - AFP

her freedom.

Clare Rewcastle Brown, an investigative journalist, fears that when she travels to Spain on Monday to care for her elderly father she will be arrested on behalf of the Southeast Asian country.

In 2015, she exposed one of the largest financial scandals in history involving the embezzlement of more than half a billion pounds by Malaysian politicians and others.

It contributed to the 2018 election defeat of the then ruling United Malays National Organisation.

However, the party is now back in power and has issued a warrant for her arrest for criminal libel, which carries a two-year prison sentence.

The 62-year-old, who grew up in Malaysia, is also being investigated for sedition, for which she could be jailed for 20 years.

Clare Rewcastle-Brown speaking to reporters in Kuala Lumpur in 2019 - Bloomberg

She told The Telegraph she has not sought to enlist her brother-in-law Gordon Brown's help because she does "not want to worry" the former prime minister.

Spain has become a favourite target in recent years for authoritarian regimes seeking to use Interpol's Red Notice system to snare political opponents.

In 2018, Bill Browder, the prominent Kremlin critic, was detained by Spanish police on an international arrest warrant that Russia had requested through Interpol.

Once such a notice is issued, individuals face a real risk of extradition and, even if not, often months of detention and legal wrangling in order to get themselves free.

Malaysia has once before, in 2015, applied to Interpol for a Red Notice to detain Ms Rewcastle Brown, which was rejected.

However, last night the international law enforcement body refused to rule out doing so…
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