Graphic Ahmaud Arbery autopsy photos shown to jurors as medical examiner takes the stand
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The medical examiner testified that the first shot punched a gaping hole in the center of his chest.
Ahmaud Arbery's autopsy photos were shown to jurors on Tuesday at the murder trial of three White men who chased him down before he was fatally shot in their neighborhood last year. Prosecutors called Dr. Edmund Donoghue, who examined Arbery's body on February 24, 2020 — the day after he was slain — as a witness.

Donoghue testified that Arbery was hit by two of the three shotgun blasts fired at him. He said both gunshots caused severe bleeding that could have killed the 25-year-old.

The first shot at close range tore through an artery in Arbery's right wrist and punched a gaping hole in the center of his chest, Donoghue said. The second shot missed entirely, while the third shot fired at point-blank range ripped through a major artery and vein near his left armpit and fractured bones in his shoulder and upper arm.

"Is there anything law enforcement or EMS could have done to save his life at the scene?" prosecutor Linda Dunikoski asked the medical examiner.

"I don't think so. No," Donoghue replied.

The jury saw close-up photos of his injuries, which included several large abrasions to Arbery's face from when he fell facedown in the street following the third gunshot. Photos of his clothing showed his T-shirt stained entirely red. Cellphone video of the shooting shows it had been white.

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