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nikitonsky: macOS virtual desktops are notorious for their uselessness. Here are their sins:

1. Switch animation takes unbelievably long.

According to my measurements, it takes 630ms to complete the animation, then 150ms more to just activate the topmost window. That means from the moment you initiated desktop switch you have to wait at least 780ms before you system is responsive again and you can do anything!

How bad is that number? According to Jakob Nielsen, 100ms is a limit where users still feel system is responsive. 100ms is ~6 frames of animation on 60Hz display, more that enough to communicate ANY type of motion. MacOS takes 8 (EIGHT) times more time!

2. It uses "Ease out" animation.

Closer to the end animation speed decreases, to the point where it almost stops moving. Yet the animation still goes on, and you have to wait precious 100-200 ms while it advances just few more pixels. It is stupid, annoying as hell and makes it extremely hard to know exactly when it's finally…
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