Guy accidentally orders 27 more Teslas than he actually wanted
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fairly easy
And each order has a non-refundable 100 euro fee...
We've all been through it - you jump online on your favorite auction or sale site, select your products and add them to the cart, then click checkout only to find out your order hasn't gone through due to a glitch with the website. Well, this story takes that up a few notches.

A German who goes by the name of Ballon-Man on Reddit recently described a horror situation when his dad decided to buy a new Model 3. Existing owners of a Ford Kuga, they decided to replace the SUV as it was getting on a bit. Germany has an incentive where the state gives you cash to buy an EV, and this was basically doubled during the Covid-19 crisis, so settling on the Model 3 was an easy choice.

So, dad jumps onto his laptop around 9pm. Places order for a brand new Tesla Model 3, with the Autopilot option. Clicks confirm (at which point they'll deduct 100 euros as a deposit), and nothing happens. Dad tries again, same issue.…
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