Guy Built A Bird Feeder That Accepts Bottle Caps For Food, And These Wild Magpies Love It
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Hans Forsberg works with robotics on industrial applications for artificial intelligence and had an idea on how he could put his knowledge and the family of wild birds living in his backyard to good use.
It's mind-blowing to see animals learn meaningful tricks. Sure, a dog who can bring you a beer from the fridge is awesome too, but in today's world, you gotta start thinking bigger than that.

So, he trained the friendly neighborhood magpies to recycle bottle caps in exchange for food using a machine he built from scratch.

Magpies are pretty smart as birds go—so smart in fact that they now set an example with recycling trash

Image credits: Hans Forsberg

Hans has a backyard that's home to a pair of magpies who have been living there for what seems like ages at this point. One day, Hans noticed how the curious little critters started finagling with the complex locks on his outdoor lanterns. And then a thought occurred.

The magpies were looking for paraffin candles inside the lanterns—because why not, just like crows, they love stealing—but Hans figured that these birds could quite possibly carry out more meaningful tasks.

So, he decided to build a machine with the help of which he would train the birds to collect trash around his garden in exchange for food. This was not only a fresh new project for him, but it seemed that nobody else had tried to do anything like this before as there were no how-tos on the internet, so it was all up to him.

Computer scientist Hans Forsberg built a machine that dispenses food in exchange for bottle caps

Image credits: Hans Forsberg

Whenever a magpie drops a bottle cap into the designated hole, it gets a treat…
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