Half-price Black Friday deal: Amazon Echo Show smart displays get huge discounts

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If you're after a cheap smart display in this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you might want to consider an Amazon Echo Show – especially given they're now selling for half-price at Amazon UK right now, with smaller discounts also running at Amazon US.

The Echo Show 5 is a 5-inch screen model, now selling for £39.99, down from £79.99. The larger Echo Show 8, an 8-inch model, is also selling for £59.99 after having its price slashed from £119.99.

The half-price promotion is only running in the UK, though you can also nab the Echo Show 8 for just $104.99 in the US (after a $25 discount), or the Echo Show 5 for just $74.99 (after a $15 discount).

The Echo Show range is a screen-based alternative to an Amazon Echo smart speaker, providing a visual interface as well as an audible one. You can give it voice commands via the Alexa smart assistant, but the screen is on hand to show you the time, display answers to questions, and even load up Amazon Prime movies and show to watch in the Prime Video app.

These small screens don't boast very high resolution, and the lack of the YouTube app is a bit frustrating, but there's no denying you get a lot for the price. A physical camera shutter should ensure you feel a bit safer from prying eyes, too.

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Henry St Leger
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