'Hawkeye' May Have Already Teased Kingpin's Return

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It's been a long time coming, but after years of rumors and stalled starts, Jeremy Renner has finally drawn back his bow and hit a bullseye with Disney+'s Hawkeye . This festive favorite is a mix of Die Hard and Home Alone with a dusting of Marvel Cinematic Universe magic. Like any good MCU outing, there are ties to a much larger world, and although we're only two episodes in, fans think they've spotted Kingpin pulling the strings from the shadows.

Away from Ben Affleck's maligned Daredevil and Michael Clarke Duncan's portrayal of Wilson Fisk, Kingpin is remembered for Vincent D'Onofrio's lauded performance in Daredevil . While Netflix pulled the plug on the noir drama after three seasons, there are continued rumors the series could be revived in the main MCU canon. D'Onofrio has repeatedly said he'd love to return, and depending on where you look on the internet, there's some pretty compelling evidence that Charlie Cox could reprise his role as Matt Murdock for Spider-Man: No Way Home .

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When Hawkeye's first episode presented a gala as a front for a criminal auction at a swanky New York hotel, eagle-eyed fans noticed it was the same location D'Onofrio's Kingpin holed up in Daredevil season three. While working with the FBI (for his own gains), Fisk set up shop in the Presidential Hotel and started leaking the names of other criminals while he ran his outfit from the comfort of his penthouse suite.

Obviously, things didn't quite pan out that way, and after a bloody battle with Daredevil and Bullseye, Kingpin was last seen being taken back into custody. In Hawkeye, the same hotel is used. Is it just a reused filming location or is there more to the story?

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