Health Care Industry Frets That Trump Will End COVID-19 Emergency Declaration
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Health care industry officials are reportedly worried about the Trump administration considering scaling back the national emergency declaration for COVID-19.
According to an LA Times report on Tuesday, health care industry officials are worried about the spread of the novel coronavirus if the emergency declaration is scaled back. The officials fret over the difficulty that state and local governments and health systems would experience in trying to control the outbreak without the emergency declaration in place.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied the move in a statement to TPM.

"I just spoke with the President, and he said we are not looking at lifting the national emergency declarations," McEnany said.

Several industry officials told the LA Times that the Trump administration signaled to them over the last week that lifting emergency declarations was under consideration. The LA Times noted that the discussions took place amid hospitalizations and caseloads related to COVID-19 continue to rise rapidly in several large states that moved…
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