Hints From Heloise: An easy way to check return on investment

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fairly easy
Use the Rule of 72 to see how quickly your money will grow.
Example: Your investment pays 6 percent interest, compounded annually. Divide 72 by 6; your money will double in 12 years. And it works if you flip it, too: 72 divided by 12 (if your investment pays 12 percent) is 6; your dollars will double in six years.


Investing money involves risk, of course; always consult a financial adviser for investment hints.


Dear Heloise: I see the term SMS a lot. What's an SMS?

— Maureen R. in Texas

Maureen R. in Texas: SMS stands for short message service — it's a text message. In order for different devices to communicate with one another, this type of communication system had to be standardized or simplified so all units can understand one another. Thus was born the SMS.

P.S. The first text message, according to some sources, was sent out in December 1992 and read simply, "Merry Christmas."

Dear Readers: Today is Groundhog Day, the event…
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