How Cloud Can Drive Sustainable, Data-Driven Success
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Chief information officers have been charged with driving financial, security, and agility benefits through cloud, but sustainability is quickly becoming another imperative for technology leaders.
How Cloud Can Drive Sustainable, Data-Driven Success

As technology increasingly takes the driver's seat in delivering value for enterprises across industries, technology leaders themselves are increasingly being held accountable for areas previously outside of their scope.

With global data center electricity consumption estimated to be nearly equivalent to the annual consumption of the country of Spain, it isn't a surprise that sustainability sits on top of this list. Luckily, as sustainability becomes top of mind for businesses and consumers alike, the cloud has proven to be an efficient way for businesses to become greener. In fact, recent research found that shifting from on-premise data centers to the public cloud can reduce an enterprise's energy usage by 65% and cut carbon emissions by more than 84%.

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Further research even found that organizations that go beyond migration and look at cloud computing as a launch pad for innovation and new operating models are up to three times more likely to use the cloud for sustainability goals. These include initiatives such as using green energy sources, architecting for lower power consumption, and better utilizing servers for a lower energy footprint, resulting in up to 2.7x greater cost reduction than businesses that stop their efforts at migration.

This is because sustainable thinking and innovation go hand in hand when approaching cloud computing. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Canada's national housing agency, is a great example of that. In 2020, through their IT transformation efforts, which included a transition to the cloud, CMHC reduced its IT-related CO2 emissions by more than 80%.

Such findings, along with increased demands from consumers and stakeholders alike that businesses be more sustainable, are some of the many reasons why it is now up to CIOs to lead efforts to adopt sustainable approaches to cloud that will help them deliver on both financial and…
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