How Congress Created the Peril of Trump's Harrowing Final Days
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Bob Woodward's new book reports that General Mark Milley feared Trump might attack China. Such a scenario is only possible because lawmakers ceded their war-making power to the executive branch.
The U.S. Constitution vests Congress with the sole authority to declare war. But when Berman surveyed the scene, he was dismayed to find that "lawmakers lack the appetite to take responsibility" for the way the AUMF has dramatically expanded the president's power. The truth is that Congress benefited from this arrangement and had little incentive to change: By shrugging off their responsibilities, lawmakers were allowed to retire to the cheap seats where, like a latter-day Statler and Waldorf, they take credit when the wars are going well and offer a heckler's riposte when they're not. It's a great arrangement for legislators in both parties and their electoral hopes; less so for the American people, who effectively have no…
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